Monday, May 17, 2010

SAB Titled

John was so extremely ordinary that he was "extra"-ordinary. But underneath the guise of overordinariness there was one talent hidden from all. He could judge people's neuroses and delusions with pinpoint accuracy. He had met thousands of people and all of them over the age of 12 had some kind of neurosis. As soon as you reached teenage it seemed you become neurotic. Judging people's neurosis became his favourite hobby. He even collected the zaniest and the craziest of neurosis that he could find. He was always on the lookout for collectibles. The waitress who just served him coffee believed that her son was a reincarnation of Jesus and one day she would be made the chosen one to her son, the messenger of God, the Messiah. John wondered whether this particular neurosis could be a collectible. It was interesting, but on the other hand, it was too common as well to be one. But what the heck. The neurosis made the waitress feel special, otherwise she would have killed herself years ago.

Inspite of his ability to judge the neurosis of others, he could never judge himself. He knew he was neurotic. More so than the average neurotic individual. But what exactly he was neurotic about had somehow eluded him. He could not look inwards. No matter how much he tried. Probably the power lies in my eyes, John wondered. "Probably I need to see people to discern their neuroses". This insight made him immediately find the nearest mirror and then proceeded to look deeply into his own eyes. He desperately wanted to know his own neurosis and gazing deeply into his own eyes seemed to be doing the trick. He was excited and hesitant at the same time to finally discover what he was searching for his whole lifetime. He was going to give himself the taste of his own medicine. And then,finally, truth dawned on him and he discovered his own neurosis. It was something that he had never imagined and it could not have been worse. The truth was that he was deluding himself all along and he never could judge other people's neuroses. It was all a figment of his own imagination. He was as ordinary as ordinary could be.


  1. nice story! you finally realised you are not psychic!

  2. I never claimed i m psychic....I m psychotic :)