Friday, September 24, 2010

Kyunki Killer

John was bored. He had not killed anyone for quite a few days now. He killed a couple of cockroaches for fun. It passed his time for a bit but did not give him the rush he seeked. But it did tickle him to see that one of the cockroaches he had smashed was pregnant. The body was cut into two pieces and an egg like thing had erupted in between. The other cockroach he had smashed was almost dead but not quite. It was writhing in what seemed to be intense pain. John took pity on it and killed it instantly.

John always had violent tendencies from quite a young age, but his intense need to kill was just a one month old phenomenon. And in that month, he had killed 7 people. His last victim was a history teacher. He chose a history teacher because he was watching the history channel when the need to kill engulfed him. He switched off the TV, went to a phone booth and invited himself to tea with the nearest history teacher he knew. He walked to the history teacher's home, and saw the history teacher waiting eagerly for him. The history teacher was feeling lonely for a while as he had difficulty making friends. The self invitation from John made him feel that atleast somebody wanted to interact with him. He cordially greeted John and invited him inside. Once inside, John could not wait for the formality to get over. He asked the history teacher whether he had informed anyone else of his coming. When the history teacher answered in the negative, John took out his silencer and shot the history teacher straight in the eye. The history teacher died instantly. John wondered whether he had hit the bull's eye. The bullet had taken a part of the skin along with the eye.  John thought to himself that he needed to practice his shooting. He wondered whom to kill next for practice.

A few day's later, When John saw the dying pregnant cockroach, his question was answered. He believed it was a signal from above. John had a weakness for symbolism. His next target would be a pregnant woman. He loaded his silencer and went to a phone booth to call up a single pregnant woman he knew and invite himself over. She was delighted to hear of his self invitation and said she would be waiting for him. She was delighted and happy because she had one more person to whom she could tell about Drake, the guy who had ditched her for someone else. When John arrived and got done with the formalities of greeting, he asked her whether she had informed anyone about his coming. When she answered in the negative, John aimed for the eye and shot her. It was instant death. John ran to her quickly to see if he had got the bull's eye. It was a clean shot. It had hit the eyeballs and nothing else. John was proud of himself.

The killing rejuvenated John and the next morning, he went to work with renewed energy. When he entered the office, he was informed that his boss had called him to his office to brief him about something. In the boss' cabin, his boss, the chief of police said "John, I am assigning you to the serial killer case which is raising a big hue and cry. Your expertise with guns will prove to be a big help in the case."

Once the briefing got over, John felt a huge sense of responsibility on his shoulders. He was on the quest of finding himself. Buddha would have approved.


  1. awesome story line.. awesome climax..

    Just replace awesome with weird...


    I like the flow of thought..

    It seems like u want people to read and tel u how weird it was... right...

  2. 'on the quest of finding himself' ha ha... Good one pal..

  3. not really... i thought this story was relatively sensible stuff ...

  4. Shridar... I dont know about buddha but u definitely approved