Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Street Dog's Absurd Tale

It was with blank eyes and a blanker heart that the dog saw the world with

The world is incompetent in dealing with me, it thought
And that's why I am in such a state, it thought

Its morbid self pity and self loathing prevented it from scavenging the bins
Other dogs with better moods and lesser sins were more victorious

I better not move or i will be hit by a truck
If the food comes its good, if it doesn't then nobody cares a fuck

A paw away there was a biscuit to be had
But sleep was beckoning and it was necessary to be sad

Where misery is glory and sadness is to be tomtommed
That life is well lived and even better died

It's a dog's life after all


  1. welcome back! i think this is one of your best..:)

  2. Welcome back!I know this blog is in vengeance against that street dog that bit you. I hope they dont read it and commit mass suicide! Looking forward to the next one.