Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happen Stance

I was an agnostic all my life. I just could not believe things that I had not seen or experienced myself. Some people I knew were militant atheists. These people were quite certain that God did not exist and they mocked anyone who believed in God. But there was something about the extreme certainty about God's non existence that Atheists subscribed to which bothered me. I did not believe in God because I had not met one but there was no way I could rule out the possibility.

God's existence was a concept that fascinated me as I saw more of life. I wanted God to exist but I had a sinking feeling that there were no such thing. Living beings existing on Earth looked like it was just a random occurrence. Our placement on Earth seemed to have no divine connection. But just when I was coming to terms with my inner conflict about God, I came into contact with a person who would reignite my fascination with the Divine subject.

At first, it seemed remarkable to me that such a brilliant person would even contemplate befriending a common person like me. He was one of the most sough after intellectuals in the world with a plethora of achievements to his name. He had made the most of life. Money, fame, intellect, success; he had it all. Though I was not doing too badly myself, there was very less chance someone like him would ever seek out someone like me for company. But that is exactly what happened.

It was a crowded restaurant and I was sitting alone at my table minding my own business. Just when I was about to leave, he tapped me on my shoulder and asked me if he could sit next to me as there was no place available. I was only too happy to oblige. And then we struck a conversation. I was immediately impressed with his erudition, wit, humour, intellect and sagely wisdom. Two hours flew by and there we were discussing the finer details of anything and everything. I was lucky that I was taken by surprise. If I was prepared I would have been too inhibited to even blurt out two sentences properly.

As fate would have it, he had enjoyed my company very much. There was a glimmer in his eyes as we parted company. We decided to meet again as soon as his busy schedule permitted. A few months later, I got a call from him regarding meeting again and I jumped at the opportunity. Even though he had scheduled only for an hour we ended up talking for four hours. As were about to part, I decided to ask him a question whose answer would change my life. I asked him "So what do you think about God? Do you think the chap exists?" "Ofcourse God exists. I have even met God" he replied smilingly and walked away

The next few weeks I was obsessed with that revelation. My friend was a highly intelligent person, infact the most intelligent person I ever encountered. And he said he had met God! That shook the very core of my existence. I could think of nothing else. Of course, there was an off chance that he had meant it as a joke but I knew it in my bones that he was not kidding. I decided to pursue the matter further by inviting him for another meeting. We met and discussed as usual. I had kept this issue for last and when we were about to depart I asked him what he had meant about meeting God. I expected him to be his jovial self while replying to the question. Instead, his discomfort was readily apparent. 

After much cajoling and prodding, he told me "If you really want to experience God, then wish for it with your entire heart and soul. If you are worthy, you will have your wish fulfilled." With those cryptic words, he departed. We were never to meet again as his work took him to another city but the memories of his ready warmth, generosity and friendship stayed with me.

I had failed to make head or tail about his proclamation regarding experiencing God. It did not provide a practical protocol which I could easily follow. I just needed to wholeheartedly remember God and somehow if I was worthy, God might emerge. It reminded me of holy religious scriptures wherein a form of God would appear before true devotees. This approach did not seem too likely to work. Nevertheless, out of respect for my friend's intellect, I followed his suggestion with utmost sincerity. Every day for the subsequent three months, I meditated for hours at end wishing to experience God first hand.

Some times I would go to a park near my home where I would close my eyes and embark on my meditative journey. After one such meditation session, I slowly opened my eyes and right in front of me was a gentleman observing me intently. I had never seen him before but there was a powerful vibration around him which was immediately noteworthy. He had sharp features and a radiant countenance. He also looked like he was from another country. "Do you wish to meet God" he asked. "Yes" I muttered, quite astonished with the turn of events. "Then come with me. If you are lucky you may experience divinity"

It all seemed too surreal to me. I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. But the pain from the pinch suggested otherwise. He took me to a nearby hotel which was exceedingly glitzy and posh. I did not know what to expect anymore. I was curious to know more about the Gentleman who had led me to the hotel. He turned out to be a European politician who had a highly distinguished and accomplished career. He had even been the Finance Minister of one of the smaller countries in Europe. I was wondering what I was doing with a person of such stature. It all felt like an unreal fairy tale.

"So are you ready to meet the all knowing and all seeing Supreme Lord." he asked with an eager look in his eyes.

"Yes. Absolutely" I said with conviction as his enthusiasm was highly contagious. 

Moments later we were joined by another person whose name I never got to know. I named him "The Worrier" in my head as he had three parallel worry lines on his forehead which was marring his otherwise good looking face. The three of us proceeded to the hotel's restaurant where we sat in a rather private corner. The worrier was looking at me rather appraisingly as if he was sizing me up. I decided to return the favour and observed him carefully. The first thing I noticed was that he seemed highly disturbed about something and was looking furtively at the European gentleman.  
"What does God want me to do?" he asked the European

"I don't know" was the reply.

"Just tell me what am I supposed to do?"

"I really don't know"

The worrier gave a defeated sigh at that reply and went back to appraising me.

"What about him?" he asked pointing at him.

"We need to fix up a meeting between him and the Supreme Lord" said the European matter of factly.

"But you are the messenger of God. You decide"

"No. Since he is from your country, you have the honour"

The worrier looked at me with a grin and responded "The meeting will happen at an appropriate time and place. I will reach out to you when you are ready". With those words he led me out of the hotel and waved a silent goodbye. He then proceeded to join the European at the restaurant. I stood at the exit of the hotel not knowing what struck me. The meeting had ended as abruptly as it had started. I was flummoxed and perplexed like I had never been before.

It has been seven years since that incident and I have not been contacted by either God or his messengers. But I have hope in my heart that the parting words of the worrier will come true. I know it in my bones that he meant them. All said and done, the incredible turn of events that I experienced left an indelible impression on me. The experience transformed me from a sceptical cynic into a firm believer. It convinced me of the existence of a Supreme Force which is All-Pervasive and All-Powerful.  

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