Saturday, January 1, 2011


"Do you want to play with me Mummy?" Raghav said.

"No not now Raghav. I have so much work to do. It is your sister's wedding in a few days. Go play with your sister"

"OK" replied Raghav sadly. But the thought of playing with his sister interested him and he ran to her room excitedly.

"Please play cops and robbers with me na didi" he told his sister.

"Go away Raghav. Cant you see that I talking on the phone"

"But its been ages since you played anything with me"

"Really you are missing me. Me too. I m sorry but my baby brother is pestering me. Give me a minute. RAGHAV. Get out of the room. Sorry, what were you saying Tony"

Raghav ambled along slowly away from the room. His only option left in the house was his elder brother Raman. He expectantly went to the room of his brother hoping that his brother was in a good mood. Otherwise his brother was very nasty and would slap him if he acted naughty.

"Will u play with me Raman"

"You are stinking. And you are wearing the same shirt and pant for the past 4 days. And look at your hands. They are so dirty". Raman slapped Raghav hard and said " Dont come into my room until u have had a bath you stinking Urchin"

Raghav got dejected. It seemed that even Raman was in a bad mood that day. Raghav called up his friend Tarun to ask if he was free. Tarun's mum picked up the phone.

"Aunty is Tarun home?"

"Who is this?"

"This is Raghav"

"Just a second"

Then Raghav heard the voice of Tarun saying " mum tell him I have gone out and wont be back for a while"

"He is not home Raghav.You can call back after a few hours" Tarun's mother said and kept the phone.

Raghav tried to hold back his tears after hearing this. Nobody wanted to play with him he thought. His father too was always busy working and never had time for him. Raghav then tried his luck with his mother yet again and hoped she was free

"Mummy nobody wants to play with me"

"Go outside and play with the other kids. I cant play with you. I have so much cooking to do"

"But Mummy, I dont want to play with the other kids. I want to listen to a story from you"

"Not now Raghav, I dont have the time"

"You dont love me dont you Mummy. Nobody loves me"

"Stop being silly Raghav". Just then the phone rang and Raghav's mother ran to pick it up.

Raghav started crying and nobody was around to console him. He started thinking "Nobody wants me. Everyone hate me. If i die, it will be so much fun. Then they will finally value me. They should have realised that they should have played with me."

Raghav excitedly ran to the terrace that was located above the 6th floor. It seemed like a jolly good game to him. He was fearless in his ignorance. He jumped without hesitation and he felt like he was flying like the Superman when he  was hurtling towards the ground. Raghav had an intense wish to play with the toy Superman that he had kept in his cupboard and did not want to die anymore. That was his last wish as his body crashed headfirst into the ground.


  1. abrupt end bro! where is the part about blood splashing and brain sticking out of the fractured skull as he lay spread-eagled on the concrete floor?