Friday, January 7, 2011

Sleep induced writings

You meet someone who is you
And you wonder why you feel hatred.

You scoff at his dreams and laugh at his life
Hoping desperately you are not him.

You see the reflection in the mirror
And see yourself in the human race.

Life runs in a circle of delusion
After running the whole circle, old age relapses into childhood.

Your life is as random as a thought
And thats when you realise that life is about nothing at all.

Chasing dreams that vanish once you reach them
You get fooled by what one chap said was randomness

What is important is you have a smile at the end of the day
What is important is you dont curse the alarm for waking you up the next day.

Life is not black, white or grey. Life is sweet.
As sweet as brown sugar.

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