Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The essence of life is time. Please lend me a dime.

ou cannot say anything with certainty. That is for certain. You cannot know for sure. The earth revolves round the sun, we think. This is a fact. It has been well proven beyond doubt. It is an act of nature. Nobody can deny it in today`s times. Thus we can say it with 99% certainty at least that the earth revolves around the sun. Who knows, later on a more powerful telescope might be developed and we might discover that the sun revolves around the earth after all. Copernicus, Galileo and their sidekicks, cronies and pallies might have been wrong after all. The point is that there is no doubt in nature. Otherwise there is doubt, conflict and confusion over anything that is not natural i.e man-made. Man`s thinking process especially is least reliable. What man builds can infact be durable and reliable, but what man understands or thinks that he does is most often a figment of his imagination and has no basis in reality. What I am writing now, for example, might not have a basis in reality and it is definitely a figment of my imagination. But that is exactly what I was trying to convey. My whole point actually. The point is that there is no point. In anything. Man has fixed notions of reality. And on these fixed notions he exists. His lifetime is built on his belief system. A man, for example, thinks that moneymaking is the main motive of existence. He tries to make loads of money. And then he dies. What can we make out of this. Probably nothing. Still, the thing is that when this man makes money he is satisfied. When he does not make money he is not satisfied. His joy, pleasure, happiness and satisfaction depends mainly on one parameter-money. When he is rich for a considerable period of time he gets bored of being rich. Time does not pass easily just being rich. After all time is an important, if not the most important aspect of life. We exist to pass time. We like doing those things in which time passes easily. When time passes easily we say it is enjoyable. Anyways, going back to the example. For this man, time does not pass easily just being rich, so he devotes time to being richer. Richer in comparison to others. Other factors like status, prestige, wanting to be known as charitable, importance in society and impression comes into the picture. The reason for this might be that in almost all cases satisfaction is temporal and at some point of time greed takes over. Thus a man with decent means wants to be a millionaire. A millionaire wants to be a multimillionaire and the multimillionaire, well you get the drift. The bottomline is that for this man moneymaking was an exciting venture and thus time passed easily and time as I have tried to convey is the basis of life. This man might have   missed some other aspects of life-adventure, travel, reading, music, cinema, T.V, art, spirituality, knowledge, romance or any other activity we can broadly classify as Experience. But because he concentrated on one aspect- money making he will think it was a life well lived and wont regret over missing out any other experience. Because time passed well for him.

But what about others. Others,for whom chasing money and making money seems meaningless. For them the world is rather cruel. Everything seems to run on money and money power. Thus the world is basically a playground for one breed of people-the money makers. Those who pursue other activities to pass time are either frowned upon or laughed upon. But ofcourse exceptions rule the world. Talented artists make a living out of their way of life. The buzzword here is talented. Those who are not, have to join the motley herd of the money chasers or the rat racers in other words. Thus they might live a life of meaninglessness or utter boredom where time passes slowly. Time, I think we know, is the essence of life.

Basically we know very little. Man neither has the capability nor the capacity to really know. To know deeply. There are no absolutisms in man`s life. There should only be viewpoints, opinions, judgements,theory, subjective interpretations or analysis. Man should not bandy the word Fact too easily. Facts arise out of certainty, reliability or through nature. Not through man`s incomplete understanding nor through man`s figment of imagination. Enough said.


  1. good one.. while reading it i forgot my name for a moment..did i? gosh! i hate this uncertainty..