Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mockery of a poetic story.

When we don't have any expectations about ourselves
Thats when we do what we want.

What you do is not what you want
What you want is not what you get.

In spite of this, all we do is not be ourselves
People run after the idea of them being great
Even when they do become'great' they forget themselves.

Their whole life is a cycle of improvement
Or else, the whole life is stagnation.

People never know their own deficiencies
They think they are the best but are never satisfied with their own selves.

There are 6 billion perceptions on earth
Sum total of all perceptions may not lead to truth and reality.

Greed for power, fame, lust and money and even knowledge is ruining the peace of mind of people
Pursuit of self knowledge though, shows that greed can be good. Even in wall street.


  1. i've started packing my bags to himalayas after reading ur blog... seems like u could use the trip too..

  2. ok pal i commented.. now pay up..

  3. I could do with a trip to the loo first.......himalayas can wait....