Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Figure' out your life, and it will 'work out' with your wife.

Are we aware of reality. Or are we wading through life towards destruction and despair. Normal existence leads to confusion. But sometimes if there is belief in wrong ideas, then people with those ideas are satisfied. Arrogant people are satisfied most of the times. They do not know their own deficiencies. They do not know that they stand nowhere. Thus they are happy most of the time. Also arrogant people always see the positive side of themselves. So when they compare themselves to others they are always better off in their own eyes. The flip side is that  someday the ego goes bust. Then they deflate, then they become  extremely unhappy. As long as they are in the bubble they are OK.

Those who have seen the worst and have survived are also relatively happy. There are always exceptions. Exceptions are the norm anyway. Some people, after seeing the worst are perpetually insecure that the bad times will return. Those who learn the lessons that bad times have to offer will lead a meaningful life. Will caricature them as follows : They are kind, empathetic and avoid conflicts. They see the bigger picture. Small issues and problems in life does not matter to them as it would to others. Enough said.

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  1. dude!! i think u r going in too deep... u losing ur mind?!