Sunday, December 20, 2009

What do I say, SRK is gay.

What is the meaning of our existence?
Just surviving or even thriving does not make sense.

99.9% of us are stuck in a rut.
The rest are happy but live in a hut.

The purpose of existence is not money or fame
Because life is not that easy a game.

Self realisation and self knowledge are pretty deep words
Spirituality is a subject that cannot be pursued by even geeks and nerds.

Philosophy and spirituality is supposed to be a thing for losers.
The meaninglessness of material life is realized by some smokers and boozers.

How did we come into being is a pretty good question
Knowing more about self is a pretty good addiction.

Life is a collection of transactions that affect the ego
What you reap is what you sow.

IQ and EQ are a pretty big deal in the "real world"
Those who are spiritual, to them abuses are hurled.

Suresh Raina hits the ball to the sky
The ball hit a woman and she started to cry.


  1. y is ur title so irrelevant to the content?

  2. The title is the only relevant thing.....the rest is just noise